Just A Shitty Post

When you have nothing to lose

You jump in everything and anything

Because you don’t have “the fear” of failure. The liberation is everything which we unknowingly desire but to have it in the first place is what we call “the Guts”

I am glad, I am in this phase.

Mark Manson wrote shitty words every day.. Similar is my motivation for now.

Read it at your own risk.

Writings are all feelings, strong feelings and emotions of things happening inside and around.

Thank you for visiting and loving me.

If you don’t love and appreciate me then no worries, because I love myself 😊.

P.S I am a good listener if you want to speak welcome here.

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Looking For Alaska

If it is fiction then it is amazing, but if it is real then it is painfully amazing.

It took me approximately 10 days to complete Looking For Alaska, this is the maximum time I have given to a single book.

After every few lines, I had to keep it aside and feel the emotion to understand not only those lines but the humans, denials, admiration, religions, personalities, friendships,  and the utmost important a new form of love & hope.

The author had made sure that we won’t find love in the most happening or dreamy way, it will hit us hard and then we will know, love is that one emotion which is comprised of all other emotions.

Alaska Young a mystery will remain the mystery, but it will be a known mystery.

Alaska Young will be etched in our minds & hearts forever. She will never answer our why, what, when, how, who… but she will make us fall for her and will leave us with a question “How will we get out of this labyrinth?”

Miles Halter a nerd and cute guy will live with a love story which will have a promise of “To be continued”. And his passion for the last words will make us discover more about human beings and their personalities in an altogether different way.

Colonel aka Chip Martin a strong, intelligent, friendly and mothers boy unknowingly will bring us the fact that traditions are nothing and will remain nothing until we feel or know the emotions behind.

The religion class is something which will definitely not go unnoticed. The concept of karma of Buddhism, afterlife paradise to faithful & the hope of Christianity and Islam will make us wonder why we all long for eternity and the basic human fears.

The author will try to solve the mystery but still, he will leave us with many questions one such is the Great Perhaps.

I learned many things but one I can interpret from the whole is “We are constantly aware of ourselves, the time and the inevitable, yet we live in constant denial.”

Alaska Young and Miles Halter made me feel the pain which yes, brought tears and smiles altogether.

In the end, it poses and leave us with a question “What is your cause for hope?”

It took me approximately straight five hours and a lot of talking to get out of it but still, it is in me and will be there forever.

This book is something which I would love to cherish and quote every other day.

We are all failures.

Do you dread failures?

If yes!!

Then let me show you the reality that you don’t fear failures, you fear opinions.

You fear your reputation

You fear the fear of failing.

I sound rude, isn’t it, but my friends I have learned this truth harsh way, learn it as soon as you can because there is nothing in this world which can help you avoid failures. It’s better to accept the defeat and move forward at it with better and improved life techniques.

My way of conveying might be wrong and you might feel it too stupid because most of you fools aren’t still ready to accept the truth. It’s okay we all learn with time and with more failures.

I wish you more failures until you succeed.

If you are still reading.. Thank you!! You are getting better my favorite fool.

Okay, so you see yourself as a great person!! Sorry to burst the bubble, “ you are either dead or you have lost your vision.”

No one is great, we all are failures.

The only point is moving forward and failing at it better than the last time.

Wondering why I am spitting all this, just because I want to tell all the fools out there, there is still time till you are alive, don’t stress and sit thinking why I failed at this or that and why it’s always me!!

Come out of that zone of self-importance, we are all humans with the same blood and one soul designed to fail and work, so there is no special life version designed for you.

Clear the mind or I should say that gutter where all that stupidity hovers. Move out, work hard and learn from previous mistakes.

If you are not failing at it then you are doing it wrong.

Let’s end it this way:  No one can be best because there is always some space for improvement and betterment. And if you are great then life is over.

“Greatness is a metaphor for the end, if there is no space for betterment, then you are dead.”

Thank God I still don’t crave greatness without failures!! There is still a lot to learn and be better at it.



Is dreaming bad?

No, said everyone.

Yes!! Replied the escapist.

Are we all not escapist? We are dreaming, living in our own sweet world where everything is perfect and happening according to our will. But what is lacking is the certainty, certainty of the dreams.

Certain your dreams, work for it, do the hustle and then I guarantee no one would complain nor anyone could say you are a dreamer.

I work for my dreams so, here I announce I am a proud dreamer.

Be the proud dreamer. Not just a dreamer, dreamer.

Remember dreams are not the escape from reality instead they are the reality in the illusion of life.

Don’t be an escapist.

Happy dreams people. Live, laugh and love. Do the hustle and enjoy.😊

How to be a Mega Millionaire

A simple adjective added so much value to a millionaire, which otherwise in this ever growing poverty stricken nation is a cliche.

I have seen and met many millionaires. Everyone of us are in constant touch directly and indirectly with our virtual millionaire(friend,fan pages, trollers etc..).

We are their savings, the bucks they earn and the value for their social accounts.

Checkout various social platforms and you’ll find plenty of miserable millionaires trying to be mega millionaires and millions trying to be millionaires.

Loud applauds!!! my nation’s strenght, the youth is following this trend and investing their valuable time and efforts to reach that million mark.

Running fan pages, trolling, targeting everything and anything around, which is not stimulating any mind or the humanness, Sadly!! can make us a millionaire, but never a mega millionaire.

Truth has been said and it is blunt.

You, and I. We both know the answer very well.

Dear, youth look around what’s happening to our country, the world and to us. Ever increasing crime rate, terrorism, health problems and poverty. I don’t think in these conditions one should focus on being a millionaire only when we need mega millionaires.

Those who are investing their time and efforts for making a difference in one’s life.. society, environment and world as a whole are my mega millionaires.

They might not have single penny in their pockets or those million followers but that spirit of being a mega millionaire is all what I wish to see around.

I rest my case with these encouraging lines.

“Success occurs when we shift our efforts from making a million dollar to helping a million people.”

Dharmesh Shah

Disclaimer: Author is not against anyone or any fan page. It is a random idea about a mega millionaire. Only point is run business with values amd bring a change.